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Haku of Spirited Away Fanlisting

Welcome to the TAFL approved fanlisting of the Haku/Nigihayami Kohakunushi from Spirited Away, entitled, "Eternal Promise." Please remember to read the rules before Joining. Thank you!

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Last updated: 16th April 2014
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Apr. 1, 2006

Updated the site. April Fools! Kidding! I really did update the site with a whole lot of information regarding Haku, Spirited Away and a son-to-open new section where you can express your love for Haku in the Haku Love! section.

Nov. 5, 2005

Relocation to the new URL here at Winglica. Due to the former server's crash, no backups were available so we have to start the memberlist again. So for all fans, please join again! Thank you!


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